Steak & Shrimp Artist Le$

Another one of my favorite artists out of Houston, the Steak & Shrimp man himself. Born in New Orleans, La as Lester but goes by his stage name Le$ has been one of the most consistent artists in the game, dropping numerous projects next to Curren$y and Larry June. In an interview with “TheNotSoCoolPodcast,” he was asked how did the Steak & Shrimp movement start-up, and he said, “ I had a project called The Struggle Continues produced by Mr. Rogers and had a song called Steak & Shrimp. At the time, I never put out any merchandise. So we were trying to get ideas for clothing,” he said, explaining in southern rap culture Steak & Shrimp has always been a line used once they reach that level of success. He also mentioned in the interview how Slim Thug showed him a lot of respect in the game as an artist seeing a lot of potential in him. “Slim always showed me love” even after Slim Thug “Boss Hogg Outlaws” started to expand Le$ said they never fell off. Still, he knew it was time for him to create.

It was the year 2015 when I first came across Le$ when I heard his project “ACE” released in 2014 based on the movie “Paid in Full.” As I followed Le$ more in his music, I started to become more of a fan due to his consistency. During the interview, he explained what kept him motivated in making music; he said, “Enjoying it. Things in life that inspire me is what keeps me going. E36 is a perfect example because when I dropped it, nobody knew what I was talking about. It inspired me to make a great project rolling in my car, going through life.” Le$ touched on the artist that catches his attention in the industry and explains why “I listen to Freddie Gibbs, J Cole & Kendrick. I’m not trying to be the lyrical rap artist. It’s not about the lyrics. It’s about a feeling watching them be them because they tell their stories and don’t live behind that same narrative other artist rap about.” Le$ announced on his IG earlier this week that he will be dropping a single off his upcoming new project “Gran Turismo 2” Friday.

Down below are my favorite projects.

Midnight Club” 2017

Summer Madness” 2017

Settle 4 Le$ Vol. 2” 2011

E36” 2014

Steak x Shrimp Vol. 3.” 2018

Ace” 2014

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