The Free Minded Artist Larry June

California native Larry June has been a success in the Underground. His fan base has been on the rise over the years since he steps foot in the game. Born in San Francisco, Ca (Hunters Point) June was back and forth staying with his parents living with his mom in Atlanta to moving back to the Bay with his father he explained in an interview with “No Jumper”. June described how growing up in Atlanta taught him how to hustle “man in the summertime I was raking leaves and mowing the grass” he said, “but when I moved back to the Bay with my pops that’s when I started getting real money”. Struggles he mentioned was very tuff when asked about fatherhood he had a lot to say “I was doing bad man I wasn’t ready because I didn’t have anything. I was dealing with a lot of stuff man it was crazy I lost everything” he said. June also said in the interview that he didn’t start taking his music serious until around 15 years old dropping close to 8 mixtapes in the year of 2006.

The first time I came across June was around this time last year. At the time Curren$y had tweeted a feature “Smoke and Mirrors” off June “Sock it to Me Pt 2” project. Being the fan that I am I went and checked it out and I was amazed by the collaboration. Then two months later June was also featured on “Pay Scale” one of Curren$y main singles off his “Fire in the Clouds” project. After listening to June “Sock It to me Pt 2” I started to listen to music he released a few years back. What I notice about his music was that not only was he versatile but talk so much on being “Healthy” mentally and physically. Giving so much game in his raps the rapper is not afraid to let his fans know taking care of you're mind a body is very important. June did mention in his interview on how he separates himself from another artist “I’m not the type of person that sips leans with a chopper on my side” he said “that’s not cool I rather eat oranges and stick to the script. You only get one body why not take care of It” going deeper into how he knows people that’s affiliated in that street life but that wasn’t the spotlight for him and his music. June never leaves his fans starving for new music he’s always on the go giving new material. Since being a fan of the artist here are some of my top favorites.

The Port of San Francisco” 2019

Early Bird” 2019

Very Peaceful” 2018

Mr. Midnight” 2019

Aye Aye Aye Good Job Trelly!

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