Since Jet Life became a successful label in the Underground game they have definitely been making a lot of noise in the rap industry. With Curren$y as team captain it’s only right as a boss to put yo boyz on and let them eat. Fendi P has been one of the most noticeable artist under Curren$y since being signed to the label. Born in New Orleans, La (Eastside) it all started as Cornerboy P a young hustler who is trying to find his way and live out his reality. Growing up was very tough for him living in foster care as a adolescent, not knowing his father and dealing with his mom addiction gave him a tough childhood he explained in an interview with Dj Smallz. After finally being adopted by his foster care mother “P” was on a path to a new fresh start with a mindset filled with success, ambition and optimism. So for starters I will share my top 3 favorite projects.

“The Art of Finessin” a 2016 project was the first time I notice Cornerboy. Listening to this project It didn’t take much to notice the “Hustlers Ambition” in the homies voice. All about the money, waking up early to get to it first, never biting the hand that feed you, stunting on haters, snatching all the ladies and most importantly having patience in yo hustle. Favorite tunes off this joint Stack It pile It up, So Long, Hell on Earth and Safe in the Ceiling.

“Late Nights Early Mornings” released in 2018 this 15 track project was all about the definition of being a “Cornerboy” hustling from the late nights to early mornings. Can defintley say Cornerboy had better collaborations with this one including his main hit Wit my Left ft. Lil Wayne, Dance with the devil, Strap ft. T.Y. and the catchy tune Weed and Weave ft. Curren$y and Project Pat.

“Carrera Red” released in 2019 this is by far my favorite project! This is now Fendi P no more Cornerboy P. The intro to this album was dope AF to me. A kid who was caught off guard by his teacher looking out of a window and then later approaching a salesman at a dealership asking about a “911” a car he couldn’t even afford to look at. Then at the end of the intro after viewing and sitting in the car he asked for a business card saying “I’ll see you in about 20 years”. If that isn’t inspiration for the soul idk what is. In this album the beat production and lyrics by Fendi P was just crazy. No collaboration just him telling his story from his struggles with life to owing a car that's worth 6 figures. But My favorite joints off this is damn near every song but I’ll still point them out Sex in the City, 2007, Tuesday, $100 Blunts, More Than, If It Ain’t & Super Notes.

Fendi continues his growth on becoming a better artist and shows no lack of taking his foot off the gas. In an interview Fendi expressed his friendship with the label “Jet Life is a bunch of friends turned businessmen” meaning everybody has their own identity, freedom and creativeness all as independent artist. He even touched on during his come up how Curren$y showed loved “he really help put me out there bringing me on stage at his concerts”. Fendi just recently dropped another project this month of July titled “Fendi P 3”.

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